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Naropa has over 6,500 alumni. Naropa alumni are leaders in their fields, entrepreneurs, healers, educators, innovators. They start businesses, nonprofit, private practices and innovative organizations. They show up differently in their fields because they know who they are and are unshakeable and grounded, while exuding compassion and non-judgment for others. As an alum of Naropa, you shared a journey that shaped who you are today - and who you are in the world. We invite you to stay engaged with the Naropa community and join us for Community Practice Day, Shambhala Day, alumni receptions, events and more. As unique as our alumni are, they each share one powerful commitment: "to meet the world as it is and change it for the better."
Explore Naropa’s alumni resources, ways to connect, and share your story with the pages on the left sidebar. 
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